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Home Physiotherapy in Geneva

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We offer home physiotherapy treatments for the prevention of fall risk and to maintain independence of fragile persons living at home in Geneva.

Normal aging processes lead to a decrease in the functioning of several critical systems, such as the proprioceptive system (muscles and joints), the muscular system, the visual and the vestibular system. In addition, some injuries can be the source of weakness or lack of control in the legs causing impaired balance.

Indeed, balance disorders affect many people, usually older and are often the cause of falls with adverse health consequences.

Our home physiotherapy treatments work for the prevention of fall risk through an individualized program to the specific conditions of each patient. Every care is initiated by a functional assessment, to thoroughly assess fall risk level using the following various examinations:

The results of the evaluation are presented to the patient, achievable goals are discussed and finally, an individualized treatment plan is developed.

Considerable differences can indeed exist between individuals of the same age in terms of their activity level, their health, or their degree of dependence. That is why it is necessary, as part of a prevention program, to have an individual approach.

An appropriate intervention at the right time, makes all the difference and allows to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of each patient. We work closely with your doctor and any other health care provider to ensure high quality treatment and care.

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